Design Directions October 2021

Design Directions October 2021

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Exploring Create Decisions

An online program led by Mark Pampling

Design Directions is an online learning opportunity for those eager to advance their design skills by applying creativity and floral design knowledge to a carefully chosen path – a journey exploring specific practical tasks. The program focuses on 'thinking' about design principles and solutions and involves creating 5 composition. Each task will be followed by an online discussion which can be joined live or watched afterwards via a recording. Tasks and discussions are spaced apart over a 10 week period and encourage individual expression, creativity and resourcefulness.

Broad, yet focused, directions will be set for each practical task, encouraging participants to investigate various design aspects – including contrasting proportions, line directions and material use and organisation. Guidelines for each task challenge will put a spotlight on certain design principles, whilst allowing ample freedom for personal style and different levels of skill and experience.

Participants create and photograph their designs. The images are collated, shared and discussed through the lens of various designs principles. These discussions are formatted to be supportive and constructive, offering feedback, insight and encouragement. The goal is for all participants to finish with a sense of increased design confidence.

Online Introduction
6:00pm, Monday, 4 October
Subsequent Live Online Discussions
6:00pm, 18 October, 1, 15 and 29 November, and 13 December
Recordings of discussions will be released approx. 48 hours after the live sessions.

Online meetings will be conducted via Google Meet. All supporting documents, images and notes will be shared via email.
Participants provide their own materials and devices, technology and connections to join and/or watch the online discussions.

Tasks are arrangements or free choice compositions, allowing for ample personalisation and for access to resources.

The course is suitable for people with experience at intermediate levels and above.