Floral Craftsmanship: Combining Skills & Knowledge

Please note, this page is for informational purposes only. Flower Thinking has suspended all workshops until at least 1st July 2020 due to the federal government’s COVID-19 public health directives.

Uncontained - 30 March

Take an unconventional approach to using simple containers – using them as mechanics for support and physical balance, and not as a source of hydration for our plant materials. This way of working gives us greater freedom to experiment with proportions, relocate focal areas and stretch our creativity.
Inspired by examples and discussion, you will create your own design with a container, using it more as a prop or mechanical aid, rather than working into it as routinely expected.

Forms Aloft - 20 April

Build curious and decorative forms using contemporary craftsmanship techniques (such as handmade chicken wire) and elevate their presence in compositions using a prefabricated metal prop or customised wire supports.
Guided by examples and discussion, you will create a decorative form as the base for a design, position it aloft within a composition and then enhance it with considered flower placements.

Feet & Fibres - 18 May

Create a network of overlapping lines and fibres within rigid frames to produce a functional and decorative foundation for a design. The addition of wire legs and feet gives freedom to create dynamic and creative compositions with stems directly in water or hydrated via test tubes.
Following demonstrated examples and discussion time you will design and craft your own structure and explore contemporary flower mechanics and placements.

Unrestrained - 15 June

Take inspiration from conical forms found in nature, such as volcanos and tornadoes, and build concise base structures from which to explore some dynamic and unrestrained flower placements.
Guided by examples and discussion, you will build a secure base structure and arrange flowers expressively and creatively within and over it.