Floral Craftsmanship: Techniques and Thoughts.

Knowing and practising the details of floral craftsmanship techniques can bring a new level of satisfaction to being creative with horticultural material. Combining that knowledge and practice with systematic thinking about design can raise those satisfaction levels even further.
Flower Thinking is excited to present another workshop series that joins technique and theory in enjoyable and inspiring ways. Each workshop provides an opportunity to learn or progress your experience with floral design. The series will investigate some essential contemporary skills and core, enriching design theory. The exploration will be accompanied by some insightful experience and gentle guidance from respected floral designer and tutor, Mark Pampling.
Come to one workshop, come to all – a little or a lot of learning, the experience is certain to enrich your current practice.

Dishing up Design - 29 April

Take a decorative metal dish (provided), elevate it on legs and you have multiple design directions to explore.
Inspired by examples and discussion, you will build a structure efficiently and effectively to support and showcase your flower placements.

Formal-Linear Focus - 20 May

Get some clarity with this minimal and exciting way of working – a way that makes heroes out of each form and each line.
Guided by examples and discussion, you will create a design in floral foam that teaches you how to prioritise core elements and enjoy the formal-linear style with more confidence.

Hammering in Harmony - 17 June

Working with a simple base and wire supports will give you the freedom to experiment with parallel and overlapping lines.
Following demonstrated examples and discussion time you will design and create your own floating arrangement that will spark many ideas for future creations.

Black Foam and Bold Forms - 8 July

Black floral foam is back and brings along with it exciting design possibilities. Resist those ingrained impulses to cover your mechanics – expose them with flair instead.
Examples and discussion will inspire you to take this known base medium, in an unfamiliar colour, and become open to new ways to working.

Freestanding Freedom - 5 Aug

Building a freestanding structure is a fast introduction to the adage that “simple and easy are not the same thing”. Learn some secrets and tips for creating supportive frames to present flowers in refreshing and dynamic ways. You will apply the tips and display flowers in your own unique, freestanding design.