Floral Windows to the World 2024

Floral Windows to the World 2024

This August, the Singapore Garden Festival is transforming its floral booth display competition into an international level floral design contest, similar to a World Cup.

Competitors will vie for the title of Grand Champion, completing six tasks live in front of event attendees. Following the format of other world competitions, a Designer’s Choice item, bridal bouquet and table for two will be followed by multiple surprise items. This competition is being staged over three days at the beginning of the Festival - 3 to 5 August 2024. The contest has attracted 16 accomplished Designers from 16 different countries. It’s sure to be an exciting and inspirational event.

The Championship is divided into three events: Heats with 16 competitors, a Semi-Final with 10 competitors, and a suspenseful Grand Final with the final five top competitors. The finalists will compete at a gala dinner event vying to be crowned the Grand Champion.

The following floral designers will be representing their countries:


Dayne Tyler Robinson


Stefan Van Berlo


Lea Romanowski


Zhao Guanglong


Athi Lyra


Tamás Mezöffy


Hiroto Inoue


Caroline Loo

New Zealand

Franca Logan


Iza Tkaczky

Republic of Korea

Hung Mo Joo, Momo


Bernard Soh

South Africa

Coral Shortt

United Kingdom

Timo Bolte

United States of America

Hoa Mai, Cherrie


Khoi Ha

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