Design Discoveries

An Exhibition of work by David Berger AIFD PFCI

"This selection of my works is from my studies with Mark Pampling and Flower Thinking's courses.

"My experiences with Flower Thinking and Mark have been reenergising to my creative thoughts. Challenging myself to look at my choices and the way I use materials to produce the optimum effect from the materials used. A wonderful journey that I intend to continue as learning should never end.

"I look forward to the next course with Flower Thinking and Mark's next floral challenge."

- David Berger

Working in Twos

Line: Exploring line in parallel and curved. Working in twos of most materials, giving a greater emphasis on the lines presented.

Kangaroo Paw, Anthurium, Dancing Lady Orchid, Bromalide, Banksia, Philodendron, Spear Grass
Photographer – David Berger

A Study in Textures

Texture: Using seaweed and textured paper as a base, I applied clay to the paper to give layers of texture. A subtle use of colour allowed for the textures to predominate.

Anthurium. Phalaenopsis. Kangaroo Paw. Scabiosa, Kalanchoe. Seaweed
Photographer – David Berger

Collar of Cups

Form: Using food serving cups a collar was made on a large sphere. This gave a dome to work on. I followed this by using mainly round forms.

Phalaenopsis, Stock, Scabiosa, Disbud Chrysanthemum, Dianella, Roses, Gladiolus, Dianthus, Kalanchoe
Photography - David Berger

Spatial Highlights

Space: Rings of balsa wood gave spaces to highlight the placement of the materials within. Using a reduced colour theme to give space more emphasis.

Heliconia. Anthurium. Hippeastrum. Ginger. Cactus
Photographer - David Berger

Samples of Inspiration

Colour: One of my favourite elements. Wool covered bamboo stakes formed the base for this colour palette. Paint sample cards provided my inspiration for material choice.

Viburnum, Gerbera, Straw Flower, Tulips, Disbud Chrysanthemum, Snapdragon

Photographer - David Berger

Cone of Snakes

An inverted cone is covered with the snake beans. It rests on a base of dried beans. A anthurium leaf gives a background to the anthurium flowers, one of which is inverted to draw the eye to the base.

Anthurium, Snake Beans
Photographer – David Berger

Wreath of Curves and Contrasts

A wreath is the base for the anthuriums. Medallions of dried beans give a focal point. Wire is inserted into the snake beans to allow for manipulation to enhance the curved nature of the stems.

Anthurium, Snake Beans
Photography - David Berger

Bridal Beans

A hoop of dried beans forms the carrying point of the bouquet. Beans are wired and attached to the hoop. The anthuriums form a canopy. Ribbon is covered in dried beans and adds trailing lines to the bouquet.

Anthurium, Snake Beans
Photographer - David Berger

Interwoven and Overlapping

 A low, overlapping design of Anthuriums and Snake Beans. Fresh Beans are constructed into an interwoven dome that is at the core of the design. A medallion of dried Beans is tucked behind some lower flowers to add greater depth and spatial contrast.

Anthurium, Snake Beans
Photographer - David Berger

Twinkle, Twinkle

A free-standing bound design. Based on a frame, all materials rest in water in the saucer. The battery pack for the stars are concealed in the base.

Chrysanthemum. Singapore Orchid, Sedum, Spear Grass, Tractor Leaf
Photographer - David Berger

David Berger AIFD PFCI

Master Florist New Zealand Professional Florists, American Institute Floral Designers-Certified Floral Designer-Certified Evaluator Judge, Society of American Florists, Professional Floral Communicators International 

David has been engaged in every facet of Floristry within his career. Head Designer for David Jones Florist for 25 years, David travelled throughout Australia installing the annual Spring Show, the largest cut flower display in the Southern hemisphere.

A successful competitor representing Australia in the World Cup of Floristry on four occasions. Gaining two Silver medals in overall placings and five individual Gold medals in various sections.

David is a National Interflora Judge and WorldSkills National Chief Judge, International Expert for Floristry. 

A sought after Demonstrator throughout Australia and overseas, David’s designs are always commercially based. David specialises in the facilitation of workshops, sharing latest trends and techniques with the Floral Industry.

David’s career path now has him in a full-time teaching position at Western Sydney TAFE in Floristry. Currently, David is the Head Teacher of five delivery locations, sharing his knowledge and experiences with a new generation of florists.


One Container, Five Elements

"One Container, Five Elements expanded my design processes and choices. Analysing the container and looking for a link to each of the five elements. Focusing on one element was a disciplined journey, one that became more complex the further I travelled along the path, albeit a rewarding journey.

"On reflection it allowed me to consider my choices and to give each element of design a voice in my arrangements. I likened it to a choir where one voice may lead but if the supporting harmonies are not in pitch the whole auditory experience is not quite right. I found myself falling to my favourite elements and constantly self-evaluating to see what was often needed, often editing rather than adding.

"During the group feedback sessions, I gained new eyes not only on my own work but that of my peers. Such a rewarding experience."

- David

Design Solutions

"Design Solutions saw a different approach where only two materials were to be used. This was challenging for me as I like to work with a variety of materials. Using my previous studies with Mark as a guide I chose beans and anthuriums. Using all parts of both plant materials. Including the seeds and leaves of the plants. A great experience it, pushed my creativity. I found a different perspective of the value of all parts of the plant."

- David