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Lead by Mark Pampling, Master Florist

Let's narrow our focus on the principles of design and become better at using design principles as tools to solve problems in our designing.

When we constrain our material choices we become less reliant on adding more materials to create impact and more skilled in solving design problems using the principles of design as our tools.

And so we become more resourceful, confident and self-reliant designers.

Customer Reviews

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When we commenced the workshop I was quite surprised we would be working with one material and not much else. I was challenged throughout the process which resulted in a very beneficial outcome. Although I was challenged throughout the workshop, I also felt supported greatly with advice and tips from Mark. The opportunity was wonderful and i feel i have learnt so much from carrying out each exercise. Thank you Flower Thinking for this great opportunity to be challenged, to learn, to be supported and to be part of the #designdisciplineexperiment.

David B

Design Solutions saw a different approach where only two materials were to be used. This was challenging for me as I like to work with a variety of materials. Using my previous studies with Mark as a guide I chose beans and anthuriums. Using all parts of both plant materials. Including the seeds and leaves of the plants. A great experience it, pushed my creativity. I found a different perspective of the value of all parts of the plant.


This was a fantastic class and I highly recommend it. Mark opened up my creativity and taught me to look at every element in different ways.


This was a fantastic class and I highly recommend it. Mark opened up my creativity and taught me to look at every element in different ways.

Michael C.

The design discipline course made me reevaluate the way I approach my floral design. It gave me some new insights and pointers on how I can improve my design thinking. I enjoyed having time between each session to think about and create my design for each assignment. Mark’s evaluations and constructive comments about everyone designs were enlightening. It was so interesting to see how each student interpreted the weekly assignments. It was really great. Definitely recommend to any floral designer that wants to improve their craft.

In Design Solutions we apply this way of working to four hands-on exercises, working with guidance, mentorship and feedback from the course presenter, Mark Pampling.

The exercises we use to explore this way of working are an arrangement, a bridal design, a wreath and an overlapping design.

Typical Instructions from a Live Session

Tasks are well explained, comprehensive instructions, generous guidelines and plenty of tips for success.

We are inclusive of people of all levels of experience and skill, from those just starting out to seasoned designers. Some of our material is aimed at a more advanced level. Most of it is theory-focused, supported by hands-on exercises and group feedback sessions, all with comprehensive notes delivered after each meeting, and online access to the group session recordings for six weeks after each course completes.

Past participants have come from fields as diverse as floral artist, designer, arranger, floristry judges and teachers.

While the aim of Design Solutions is to make us more independent practitioners, we can all sometimes feel "stuck" and need to reach out for help, guidance or just a fresh perspective.

Throughout the course, I am available by email to answer your questions or clarify aspects of the material. I usually manage to reply on the same day, sometimes a little longer if I'm on tour, and sometimes quicker.

Examples Designs from a Live Session

Mark creates plenty of example designs for each exercise and talks you through his decisions, for insight and inspiration. The following clip is excerpted from a session in our One Container, Five Elements course. It gives some sense of the type of discussion you can expect in a Flower Thinking course.

Feedback on our Feedback - from past Participants

At the heart of Flower Thinking's learning process is the feedback and the way it is delivered: detailed and yet concise; technical and also accessible; objective, constructive and respectful.

  • Sharon, New Zealand

    I would highly recommend this type of online learning to others. I really enjoyed the assignments and it was great to have something specific to work on. Each assignment was clearly defined and the feedback provided on everyone's work was clear with exciting suggestions made by Mark on how to improve the design or how it could be developed to become a showstopper.

  • Celéste, WA, Australia

    I'm just amazed at how able you are to in a very positive way, give criticism, it's fantastic. You really have a skill there of not making people feel inadequate and yet you do make all the points that are important.

  • David, NSW, Australia

    Mark thank you for always pushing boundaries and encouraging us to all question why we design as we do. This course is further developing my thought processes in the application of the elements and principles of design. The group discussions provide amazing insights into all aspects of the tasks. Your feedback is considered and on point. Looking forward to the next submission.

Design Learnings in the Real World

The learnings and insights gained from Design Solutions have wide applicability.

If you educate, judge, compete, design or create with flowers in any form, Design Solutions can make you a more confident practitioner of your craft.

Design Solutions Timetable


Online Introduction

Meeting #1 - Wednesday 19 June 2024, 6:00pm

Subsequent Online Discussions

Meeting #2 - Wednesday 10 July 2024, 6:00pm

  • Task #1 - An Arrangement

Meeting #3 - Wednesday 31 July 2024, 6:00pm

  • Task #1 - Bridal Design

Meeting #4 - Wednesday 28 August 2024, 6:00pm

  • Task #3 - Wreath Design

Meeting #5 - Wednesday 25 September 2024, 6:00pm

  • Task #4 - Overlapping Design


Course dates for 2025 are yet to be announced.


All times listed are Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT - Sydney). You can compare your local time zone to Sydney time  at

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Participation Guide

The Participation Guide is your guide to getting the most out of your participation in the Design Solutions program.

If you have questions about Design Solutions, some answers may be found in it, and you are also welcome to ask us any question directly.

Mark Pampling has been designing, competing, teaching and judging for thirty years now and is as well known for his clear, linear design style as for his patient and inclusive way of sharing his knowledge.

  • 2019 Beijing World Flower Art Contest – Champion
  • 2015 Interflora World Cup, Berlin – Judge
  • 2014 Fusion Flowers International Designer of the Year – 1st Place
  • 9th China International Orchid Show (Sanya) – Best Creative Award
  • 2014 International Flower Contest Japan – Best in Show, Gold Award and Design Innovation Award
  • Asia Cup 2014 (Japan) – 1st Place – Surprise Table Display
  • 2013 Fusion Flowers International Designer of the Year – 2 Silver Awards & 1 Bronze Award
  • 2012 Fusion Flowers International Designer of the Year – 4th Place
  • 2012 Interflora Australia Cup – Winner
  • 2011 Interflora Australia Cup – Winner
  • Australian Competitor 10th Interflora World Cup 2004 – 3rd Place

You can learn more about Mark here.

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Flower Thinking

Design Solutions Online Course

Design Solutions Online Course

Embark on a journey of floral design discovery - not by seeing new things but by seeing things differently. Restrict your material choices and consciously apply design principles to solve design problems and create more impact without reaching for more materials.

Work through four distinctly different tasks, with expert guidance, mentorship and support from course convenor Mark Pampling, Master Florist.

Grasp the design principles as tools in your kit and wield them more adeptly for more design success, with less material and more intent.

The program timetable and detailed information on how to participate can be found in the Participation Guide.

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