Designing to Win - Overcoming the Hardest Part

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Overcome the hardest part of interpreting competition schedules: Starting.

I'm Mark Pampling and I have a strategy that helps me work through any schedule to make sure my design meets the brief and scores as highly as possible.

Let me share it with you.

Eighteen designers have already submitted designs to the theme Uncommon Threads, which I've analysed and reviewed in a recorded live design forum, for our shared learning.

What insights and learnings did they gain - and how will they apply them?

Join me and learn when we review the designs and the learnings in the live forum on

5 March.

  • "I highly recommend this course to anyone who is involved in floral design and judging The feed back and the exercises are extremely valuable in judging your own work and others as well."

    - Gwen

  • "…  I learned much more from attending as a member of the audience than I thought possible."

    - Terry

  • "This course has boosted my confidence and understanding of what is expected in good floral design. The practical, eloquent and positive feedback has been really valuable."

    - Celéste

Join the live forum on

5 March

to see how the they've reimagined their designs, building on the feedback from the first forum.

You'll see their learnings come to life as you view the original and final submissions by side and hear (and read) the detailed feedback that they've utilised.

Two Design Forums

The program includes two design discussion forums which you can view any number of times.

Listen as I provide over three hours of the kind of detailed analysis that you normally only hear from the judges in actual competition.

Gain in-depth insights that normally come only from actually competing yourself.

Reach out to me via email and I'll answer your questions.

Designing to Win - Floral Competition Essentials - eBook & Video

Floral Competition Essentials is my essential guide to maximising your chances of success in floral design competitions. It is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their competing game or give themselves a refresher before getting back into competing, or for floral creatives who would like to know more about the competition process.

This eBook covers a broad range of aspects of competing, including how to research competitions, analysing and interpreting the schedule, understanding the marking criteria, designing, planning and preparing for competitions, right through to tips for reviewing your competition successes and learnings.

This eBook is included in your registration.

Designing to Win - Applied Interpretation - eBook & Video

Applied Interpretation is an eBook + video presentation giving a fully worked example of my method of approaching competition schedule interpretation. It shows you how to analyse a theme and find design solutions that answer the schedule and marking criteria.
I take a competition schedule written for this course and closely examine the theme from different perspectives.

I will guide you through my structured research method, identifying key aspects and examining them through the principles and elements of design, taking into account how the theme relates to any botanical matter referenced in it.

This eBook is included in your registration.

Designing to Win - Competition Learnings - eBook & Videos

Competition Learnings is a compendium of all of the designers’ items submitted for the first and second Design Forums, with the detailed notes from Mark’s critical appraisals, highlighting, for each designer, the learnings realised from the first design to the second.
It contains a wealth of analytical observations on design which can be of use to anyone who creates with flowers, especially so in competition.

This eBook is included in your registration.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Moira M
Floral Competition Essentials

Very informative,


I am thrilled to have found Designing to Win classes. Mark is an excellent teacher, looking at the work from both a competitor's and evaluator's point of view. I learned so much watching his thorough critiquing of each design and suggestions on improvements. I would love to try this as a competitor next time. A great educational experience!

Michael C.

Mark has a unique way of looking at design and he has brought that again with this Festive Thinking 2023 short course and tutorial. What I like about his courses are he gives you suggestions of useful techniques, detailed instructions and many examples of unique completed designs for inspiration. After you’ve submitted your design Mark reviews it and gives a detailed constructive analysis about the work. He indicates what works and what improvements or other possibilities to enhance the design. Always insightful and thought provoking. In addition to this, it is so good to see how other participants interpret the brief and the amazing designs they create. It’s a great opportunity to delve into the world of floral design. Highly recommended.


This course has boosted my confidence and understanding of what is expected in good floral design. The practical, eloquent and positive feedback has been really valuable. Not only does Mark possess true natural flair and talent, but also comes with vast experience and above all, is an excellent teacher who is able to clearly share his understanding with his students.


Love the ebooks and videos. Clear instructions and illustrations. Have received today the next brooks . Looking forward to being part of this community .

Designing to Win Timetable


Tuesday 16 January

  • eBooks and instructional videos released

Friday 2 February

  • Submission #1 Due

Tuesday 6 February

  • First live design discussion

Thursday 8 February

  • Meeting notes and video released

Friday 1 March

  • Submission #2 Due (Designers)

Starting March 5th

Tuesday 5 March

  • Live design discussion

Thursday 7 March

  • Meeting notes and video released

Saturday 9 March

Join now and get immediate access to all the program so far, and the live design forum, videos and eBooks.



Course dates for 2025 are yet to be announced.


All times listed are Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT - Sydney). You can compare your local time zone to Sydney time  at

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    Participation Guide

    The Participation Guide is your guide to getting the most out of your participation in the Designing to Win program.

    If you have questions about Designing to Win, some answers may be found in it, and you are also welcome to ask us any question directly.


    You can view some of the submissions and excerpted learnings from past participants in the Designing to Win Gallery.

    Mark Pampling has been designing, competing, teaching and judging for thirty years now and is as well known for his clear, linear design style as for his patient and inclusive way of sharing his knowledge.

    • 2019 Beijing World Flower Art Contest – Champion
    • 2015 Interflora World Cup, Berlin – Judge
    • 2014 Fusion Flowers International Designer of the Year – 1st Place
    • 9th China International Orchid Show (Sanya) – Best Creative Award
    • 2014 International Flower Contest Japan – Best in Show, Gold Award and Design Innovation Award
    • Asia Cup 2014 (Japan) – 1st Place – Surprise Table Display
    • 2013 Fusion Flowers International Designer of the Year – 2 Silver Awards & 1 Bronze Award
    • 2012 Fusion Flowers International Designer of the Year – 4th Place
    • 2012 Interflora Australia Cup – Winner
    • 2011 Interflora Australia Cup – Winner
    • Australian Competitor 10th Interflora World Cup 2004 – 3rd Place

    You can learn more about Mark here.

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    Designing to Win (Audience)

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