eBook - Five Ways to Add Impact to Your Floral Designs

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Five Ways to Add Impact to Your Floral Designs is a beautifully illustrated 18-page guide, by internationally recognised master florist Mark Pampling, that offers five distinct ways to add impact to your floral designs, through Balance, Proportion, Elevation, Tension and Line.

Most flowers are inherently appealing, so any composition they have a role in is usually imbued with an element of that beauty. Why settle for subtle beauty when you can create designs that create an immediate impact and have a lasting impression?

Amplify the impact of your designs with these five tips.

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Customer Reviews

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These designs blow my mind! I'd love to know more about the mechanics to be able to replicate them. I absolutely love the 'light footprint' design thinking. Thank you for stretching my creativity.


Well above my standard of work . Great to receive read & learn from. Thank you so much for the time & work putting it all together have taken paper copies so I can refer to it many times.


Always learning so much from you Mark and looking forward to more .

Elizabeth Osullivan
5 ways to add impact

The information was presented in a concise manner and the accompanied photos was very helpful as visual examples. A very professional presentation. As someone who wants to learn, but is only doing Floral Art as a hobby, I found the information useful and the cost affordable.