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eBook - Festive Thinking - Layered Luxury

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Long, thin rope-like sickle forms allow the creation of many variations of layered structures into which flowers can be displayed. Creating the sickles from materials like mulch and straw gives them a rustic personality - which can create strong and effective contrasts when used in combination with choice, round flowers and glistening forms like baubles. The earthy, textured backdrop can make the floral content feel more luxurious - perfect for the festive season.

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Customer Reviews

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Marie Cairns

Amazing ideas. Thank you.


The sickles are very versatile and can be used in many different ways, not only for a festive design. I liked the fact that a subtle Christmas feeling was encouraged for the designs in this forum.


Enjoyed the challenge and learnt so much. Mark's ability to see what might be with a few subtle changes is amazing.

Kath S

Festive Thinking provided an opportunity to work to a theme and then see just how totally different everyone's ideas are, when developing that theme. The feedback provided was clear and focused on improvement. It was also great to have certain design styles discussed - in particular the explanation of displacement from container was insightful.


That the Festive Thinking courses are extremely worthwhile, cost effective and so convenient to be able to watch the videos at home and then revue at one's leisure.