Festive Thinking Gallery

Contributing Designers 2022

As part of Flower Thinking's Festive Thinking program, a group of floral designers, artists and arrangers created festive designs inspired by the themes in the Festive Thinking eBooks Shooting Star and Star Up High.

Join us for a tour of the designs created and be inspired, perhaps, to create festively too.

Annita Bokobli

Phalaenopsis, Anthurium clarinervum, Roses, Woody pear, Banksia attenuata, Straw flower, Golden Willow

Design - Annita Bokobli

Photography - Annita Bokobli

David Berger

A free-standing bound design. Based on a frame, all materials rest in water in the saucer. The battery pack for the stars are concealed in the base.

Chrysanthemum. Singapore Orchid, Sedum, Spear Grass, Tractor Leaf

Design - David Berger

Photography - David Berger

Deb Collett

A bound design centred on a star structure allowing the design to be free-standing with all materials reaching the dish containing water

Disbud Chrysanthemum, Gypsophila, Roses, Carnations, Hypericum berries, Spear Grass

Design - Deb Collett

Photography - Deb Collett

Hannah Beckley

Anthurium andraeanum, Liatris spica, m, Heliconia sp, Hypericum sp, Scabiosa sp, Blackberry Scoop, Bamboo, Corylus avellana, Asparagus fern

Design - Hannah Beckley

Photography - Hannah Beckley

Helen Mitchell

Birch, strelitzia, Forest lace, Chrysanthemum, Rosa

Design - Helen Mitchell

Photography - Helen Mitchell

Jeff Smith

[botanicals to be advised]

Design - Jeff Smith

Photography - Jeff Smith

Laura Leong

Rosa Red Naomi, Pinus, Cornus, Phormium, Aspidistra, Illex, Calla

Design - Laura Leong

Photography - Laura Leong

Linda Taneja

Archintophoenix cunninghamiana, Agapanthus praecox, Aspidistra elatior

Design - Linda Taneja

Photography - Linda Taneja

Megan Parker

Hydrangea, Pōhutukawa, Clematis, Passiflora edulis, Paua shells, Cornus, Birch, Rosa

Design - Megan Parker

Photography - Megan Parker

Michael Cordeiro

Dianthus caryophyllus, succulents, Dianthus barbatus green trick, spear grass, Eucalyptus

Design - Michael Cordeiro

Photography - Michael Cordeiro

Miho Finch

Phalaenopsis, Hellebores, Stachys byzantina, Conus, Nepeta variegated (creeping Lamium)

Design - Miho Finch

Photography - Miho Finch

Natalie Raffaele

Leucandron, Aranthera James Storie, Leucospermum, Fagus, Stachys byzantina, Helichrysum

Design - Natalie Raffaele

Photography - Natalie Raffaele

Priya Shah

Epidendrum, Nephrolepis, Rhapis, Palm Inflorescence

Design - Priya Shah

Photography - Priya Shah