Festive Thinking Gallery 2022

Contributing Designers

As part of Flower Thinking's Festive Thinking program, a group of floral designers, artists and arrangers created festive designs inspired by the themes in the Festive Thinking eBooks Shooting Star and Star Up High.

Join us for a tour of the designs created and be inspired, perhaps, to create festively too.

Annita Bokobli

Phalaenopsis, Anthurium clarinervum, Roses, Woody pear, Banksia attenuata, Straw flower, Golden Willow

Design - Annita Bokobli

Photography - Annita Bokobli

David Berger

A free-standing bound design. Based on a frame, all materials rest in water in the saucer. The battery pack for the stars are concealed in the base.

Chrysanthemum. Singapore Orchid, Sedum, Spear Grass, Tractor Leaf

Design - David Berger

Photography - David Berger

Deb Collett

A bound design centred on a star structure allowing the design to be free-standing with all materials reaching the dish containing water

Disbud Chrysanthemum, Gypsophila, Roses, Carnations, Hypericum berries, Spear Grass

Design - Deb Collett

Photography - Deb Collett

Hannah Beckley

Anthurium andraeanum, Liatris spica, m, Heliconia sp, Hypericum sp, Scabiosa sp, Blackberry Scoop, Bamboo, Corylus avellana, Asparagus fern

Design - Hannah Beckley

Photography - Hannah Beckley

Helen Mitchell

Birch, strelitzia, Forest lace, Chrysanthemum, Rosa

Design - Helen Mitchell

Photography - Helen Mitchell

Jeff Smith

[botanicals to be advised]

Design - Jeff Smith

Photography - Jeff Smith

Laura Leong

Rosa Red Naomi, Pinus, Cornus, Phormium, Aspidistra, Illex, Calla

Design - Laura Leong

Photography - Laura Leong

Linda Taneja

Archintophoenix cunninghamiana, Agapanthus praecox, Aspidistra elatior

Design - Linda Taneja

Photography - Linda Taneja

Megan Parker

Hydrangea, Pōhutukawa, Clematis, Passiflora edulis, Paua shells, Cornus, Birch, Rosa

Design - Megan Parker

Photography - Megan Parker

Michael Cordeiro

Dianthus caryophyllus, succulents, Dianthus barbatus green trick, spear grass, Eucalyptus

Design - Michael Cordeiro

Photography - Michael Cordeiro

Miho Finch

Phalaenopsis, Hellebores, Stachys byzantina, Conus, Nepeta variegated (creeping Lamium)

Design - Miho Finch

Photography - Miho Finch

Natalie Raffaele

Leucandron, Aranthera James Storie, Leucospermum, Fagus, Stachys byzantina, Helichrysum

Design - Natalie Raffaele

Photography - Natalie Raffaele

Priya Shah

Epidendrum, Nephrolepis, Rhapis, Palm Inflorescence

Design - Priya Shah

Photography - Priya Shah

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Marie Cairns

Amazing ideas. Thank you.


The sickles are very versatile and can be used in many different ways, not only for a festive design. I liked the fact that a subtle Christmas feeling was encouraged for the designs in this forum.


Enjoyed the challenge and learnt so much. Mark's ability to see what might be with a few subtle changes is amazing.

Kath S

Festive Thinking provided an opportunity to work to a theme and then see just how totally different everyone's ideas are, when developing that theme. The feedback provided was clear and focused on improvement. It was also great to have certain design styles discussed - in particular the explanation of displacement from container was insightful.


That the Festive Thinking courses are extremely worthwhile, cost effective and so convenient to be able to watch the videos at home and then revue at one's leisure.