Festive Thinking Gallery 2023

Contributing Designers

Festive Thinking 2023 welcomed a suite of Christmas arrangements from a talented group of Floral Designers and Floral Artists, who each drew their inspiration from Christmas Crescent and Layered Luxury - festive design incorporating sickles, or wrapped fibre forms, in various ways.

Deb Collett

A modern and metallic approach to Christmas designing, incorporating sickles made from steel mesh

Rosa, Senecio, Rhipsalis, Alocasia, Xanthorrhoea

Design - Deb Collett

Photography - Deb Collett

Jill Hoskin

An arching Christmas crescent made of smaller sickles, floating above a pottery bottle - all in a warm, earthy colour palette.

Avalanche Roses, Poinsettia, Gomphocarpus, Leucodendron, Dietes

Design - Jill Hoskin

Photography - Jill Hoskin

Holly Oates

Table design in a classic Christmas colour scheme, with sickles made from mulch and bind wire

Rosa, Dianthus, Stirlingia

Design - Holly Oates

Photography - Holly Oates

Kath Shaw

Elevated design realised in an elegant colour combination, including sickles wrapped in ice blue linen yarn

Hedera, Taxus, Senecio cineraria, Hydrangea, Strelitzia, Palm

Design - Kath Shaw

Photography - Kath Shaw

Kathryn Simmonds

A low design created using the hammering technique and test tubes, with a fibre sickle that stretches the width of the composition

Spathiphyllum, Gerbera, Ornithogalum, Astelia

Design - Kathryn Simmonds

Photography - Kathryn Simmonds

Linda Taneja

A draping garland-style design created on an internal sickle made with paper and coconut fibre and wrapped with cotton

Buxus semperverins, eilucadendron,
Agapanthus praecox, Ozothamnus diosmifolius, Xerochrysum

Design - Linda Taneja

Photography Linda Taneja

Shari Hammond

Low, table design of overlapping sickles made from Coconut fibre and wrapped in copper bullion wire

Rosa, Scabiosa, Leucadendron, Helichrysum, Papaver, Tillandsia usneoides

Design - Shari Hammond

Photography Shari Hammond

Michael Cordeiro

Festive arrangement with sweeping lines made from Koala Fern bound into linear forms

Phalaenopsis, Hydrangea, Caustis blakei, Zantedeschia, Leucadendron

Design - Michael Cordeiro

Photography Michael Cordeiro

Mary Fairlie-Cuninghame

A dramatic composition of radiating linear energy and contrasting colours and forms - excitement for the festive season

Tulip, Amaranthus caudatus, Zantedeschia, Gloriosa, Bryophyta/Moss (Preserved)

Design - Mary Fairlie-Cuninghame

Photography - Mary Fairlie-Cuninghame

Kerry Thomson

Gloriosa Lilies add a touch of the exotic to this contemporary composition with metallic finishes and colours that bring a festive feeling

Gloriosa, Rosa, Anthurium, Salix

Design - Kerry Thomson

Photography - Kerry Thomson

Priya Shah

Structural design of sickles made from various fibres and a star shape formed out of moss

Strelitzia reginae, Pinus, Bryophyta/Moss

Design - Priya Shah

Photography - Priya Shah

Priya Shah

Basket-like structure of sickle forms holding and supporting Anthuriums and festive touches

Strelitzia reginae, Pinus, Bryophyta/Moss

Design - Priya Shah

Photography - Priya Shah

David Berger

A displacement design with a trailing cornucopia form created from interwoven sickles and a bounty of cascading floral materials

Phalaenopsis, Gloriosa, Craspedia, Leucopsermum, Casuarina, Anthurium clarinervium

Design - David Berger

Photography - David Berger

Mark Pampling

A structural design with a basket shape of sickles holding an Alocasia plant and decorated with other cut materials and pendulous baubles

Alocasia, Chrysanthemum, Rosa, Dianthus, Cornus

Design - Mark Pampling

Photography - Mark Pampling

Mark Pampling

Protea cynaroides, Alocasia, Leucospermum, Rosa, Dianthus, Craspedia, Phalaenopsis, Strelitzia

Design - Mark Pampling

Photography - Mark Pampling

Mark Pampling

A classically inspired urn arrangement with trailing sickles of Tillandsia usneoides

Rosa, Alocasia, Echeveria, Leucadendron, Melaleuca

Design - Mark Pampling

Photography - Mark Pampling

Mark Pampling

Rosa, Dianthus, Eucalyptus, Flindersia australis, Cornus,Star Anise, Cinnamon

Design - Mark Pampling

Photography - Mark Pampling

Mark Pampling

Flowers and festive touches emerge from a volcano inspired form conveying a Christmas feeling in this table arrangement

Alocasia, Philodendron, Rosa, Dianthus, Cornus, Banksia coccinea, Nolina recurvata, Lagurus

Design - Mark Pampling

Photography - Mark Pampling

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Marie Cairns

Amazing ideas. Thank you.


The sickles are very versatile and can be used in many different ways, not only for a festive design. I liked the fact that a subtle Christmas feeling was encouraged for the designs in this forum.


Enjoyed the challenge and learnt so much. Mark's ability to see what might be with a few subtle changes is amazing.

Kath S

Festive Thinking provided an opportunity to work to a theme and then see just how totally different everyone's ideas are, when developing that theme. The feedback provided was clear and focused on improvement. It was also great to have certain design styles discussed - in particular the explanation of displacement from container was insightful.


That the Festive Thinking courses are extremely worthwhile, cost effective and so convenient to be able to watch the videos at home and then revue at one's leisure.