An Exhibition of work by Keith Stanley EMC, IMF

My journey the past several years has been about growing as a designer and creating momentum with the exploration of materials and techniques. I see my design as increasingly focused on combining the sculptural possibilities of materials with botanicals in a more artistic way.

This is a collection of a some of the designs that have been created with that growing confidence and momentum.

- Keith

Diagonal lines emerging from one growing point.

Leucospermum cordifolium, Craspedia, Salix, Strelitzia

Photography – Keith Stanley

Self made construction using overlapping wire technique

Vanda orchid, Kalanchoe, Hypericum, Xanadu philodendron

Photography – Keith Stanley

Exploration of bamboo as an integrated part of the overall design

Bamboo, Corylus avellana, Craspedia, Aspidistra

Photography – Keith Stanley

Created for Hoogstraten 2022, this design is the open pages of an art book with the flowers, fruit and vegetables spilling out from between the pages.

Anthurium, Vanda orchid, Dahlia, Aubergines, Apples, Cotinus

Photography – Keith Stanley

These self made orbs of willow and bamboo were created for Floralien in Ghent, and then reimagined for Hoogstraten 2022.

Salix, Bamboo, Vanda Orchid, Red peppers, Gerbera, Gloriosa , Rosehip

Photography – Courtesy of Keith Stanley

Displacement of botanicals beside container

Anthurium, Phalaenopsis Orchid, Xanthorrhoea, Bamboo,
Thaumatophullum xanadu

Photography – Keith Stanley

Bridal bouquet using an overlapping wire technique, and individual Glued flower

Epimedium orchid, Craspedia, Jatropha, Caladium, Dubium, Rhipsalis

Photography – Mike Boerma

A study in Minimalism - created for a low budget Real Estate client

Leucospermum cordifolium, Salix, Thaumatophyllum xanadu, Grasses, Rhipsalis

Photography – Keith Stanley

Designed for an art interpretation show, based on a circular door carving. The rings are a repetition of the art work, and provided a way to to lift the botanical elements.

Leucospermum cordifolium, Anthurium, Craspedia

Photography – Keith Stanley

Transparency and minimalism are the key elements in this design. The construction sets the tone for the botanical elements.

Helianthus, Craspedia, Leucospermum cordifolium, Xanthorrhoea

Photography – Keith Stanley

Keith Stanley EMC, IMF

Keith Stanley is a Washington, DC floral designer and educator. He’s also a resident of Capitol Hill. For 39 years he has worked in retail and special event floristry, and also doing demonstrations and workshops.

Currently, Keith is a Teaching Coach for the European Master Certification program (a floral design school in based in Bruges, Belgium), which he graduated from in 2016. He earned the International Master Florist accreditation from Gregor Lersch at Boerma Institute In March 2022. In addition, he is a certified teacher for the Sogetsu School of Ikebana.

Structural botanical design is Keith's passion, and he has recently created large scale works for the 2022 Floralien in Ghent, Belgium and Hoogstraten Groeten and Blomen in Hoogstraten, Belgium.