A Lesson in Leaning

eBook: Immediate Digital Download

A Lesson in Leaning explores the concept of organising materials around an angled axis, and covers two design variations in the featured style.

Contains commentary on the technical and theoretical information required to make your own version, illustrated with images and sketches that further explain how the designs were constructed.

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Five Ways to Add Impact to Your Floral Designs

eBook: Immediate Digital Download

Five Ways to Add Impact to Your Floral Designs is a beautifully illustrated 18-page guide, by master florist Mark Pampling, offering five distinct ways to add impact to your floral designs, through Balance, Proportion, Elevation, Tension and Line.

Why settle for subtle beauty when you can create designs that create an immediate impact and have a lasting impression?

Amplify the impact of your designs with these five tips.

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Festive Thinking - Shooting Star

eBook: Immediate Digital Download

A step by step guide to creating a versatile, freestanding bound composition, inspired by the festive symbol of the star.

Covers techniques required and advises on placing the flowers and materials within a base structure. Technical aspects of the construction are also documented via a comprehensive array of clear images.

The various techniques covered include binding and wrapping, and creating a transparent star from wire and raffia.

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Festive Thinking - Star Up High

eBook: Immediate Digital Download

A step by step guide to creating a tall, self-supporting floral design on a simple wire structure.

Includes detailed information on techniques and on placement of flowers and materials within the composition. Technical aspects are documented via an array of clear images.

The various techniques covered include binding and wrapping and creating a star from with cardboard and raffia. The fresh floral materials are arranged directly into water - no floral foam required

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  • Floral Artist

    Always learning so much from you Mark and looking forward to more .

  • Greer

    These designs blow my mind! I'd love to know more about the mechanics to be able to replicate them. I absolutely love the 'light footprint' design thinking. Thank you for stretching my creativity.

  • Maureen

    Well above my standard of work . Great to receive read & learn from. Thank you so much for the time & work putting it all together have taken paper copies so I can refer to it many times.

  • June, Brisbane

    All the ebooks are very informative & convenient allowing me to read in my free time. They are helpful also in preparation for our upcoming convention in July which I hope to enter. Looking forward to seeing you at your workshops. Thank you for your time & effort putting together this education programme online.

  • Deidre, NSW

    It was a great way to keep up with the latest designs without having to travel.

  • June, Queensland

    The information was presented in a concise manner and the accompanied photos was very helpful as visual examples. A very professional presentation. As someone who wants to learn, but is only doing Floral Art as a hobby, I found the information useful and the cost affordable.

    - Elizabeth