Floral Design Principles | Methods | Techniques

Become a more confident designer through focus on Floral Design Principles, Methods & Techniques

  • Flower Thinking provides education and mentorship to passionate floral artists, arrangers, designers and florists who want to elevate their work through the application of the principles of floral design.

    One Container, Five Elements 
  • The principles of design are tools that we use to organise our design process and provide clarity in execution, and also serves as a framework within which to analyse our work and find learnings.

    Design Solutions 
  • We take a broad approach to floral design. The principles are applicable and useful to to practitioners of a range of floral creative disciplines - retail floristry, floral art, flower arranging and floral design.

    Design Directions 
  • Our inclusive approach also extends to accommodating all skill levels: we encourage everyone to work in a style and with methods that they are comfortable with, and with materials they have ready access to.

    Advanced Directions