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Exploring the elements and pricinples of design, focus your design skills, deepen your understanding and master your floral craft.

About Flower Thinking

Flower Thinking exists to support you to grow your understanding, skill and confidence in your floral design skills.

We place a high priority on design principles and critical thinking.  The pleasure and joy of working with flowers is heightened when balanced with the pursuit of considered design solutions. Put simply, we believe that floral designers achieve their greatest potential when they understand both the 'how' and the 'why' of their design process.

Our courses
  • Tammey, Brisbane

    An engaging and exciting course that leads you carefully yet directly through the elements and principles of floral design. This was done so well through a more focused and modern approach. Facilitator, Teacher, and mentor Mark Pampling guided me through each design with a gentle confidence that only someone who has an incredibly deep knowledge and understanding can do. I honestly cannot recommend this course enough. It has changed the way I think, feel, and now understand the floral design world.

  • Lawrence, Sydney

    The focus and objective of this course is being disciplined through the various stages of designing, with methodical thinking, restricted choice of materials and a check list of criteria for evaluation. Mark guided each participant with thorough and comprehensive notes and explanations of each task. As a master florist himself, his knowledge, skills and techniques are exemplary. I can truly recommend this course or a similar one because I enjoyed the learning, particularly the evaluation/feedback from Mark.

  • Natalie, Geelong

    I recently completed the Design Discipline course with Flower Thinking. I found the course to be a wonderful opportunity to challenge and improve my design
    skills and develop my floristry techniques. With no chance of travel this year, this online course was also an opportunity for me to complete some professional development. Mark is an ncredible teacher and mentor and I felt my skills improved with each task. Mark shares his extensive design knowledge and is so patient and kind to everybody.

Our purpose

is to support your growth as a floral designer. Whether you teach, work the bench, compete or practise floral art, our goal is to empower you to become the best version of the floral designer that you already are.

Our courses