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eBook - Festive Thinking - Christmas Crescent

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Curving lines can bring a sense of grace and elegance to a design - an especially welcome quality in festive compositions. Creating designs using organic sickle shapes naturally introduces curving elements. Their crafted forms and fluid lines add impact and interest without overwhelming the flowers. Using metallic wire to bind the sickles offers a subtle glistening element that makes the final arrangement fit easily into almost any Christmas context.

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Customer Reviews

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The sickles are very versatile and can be used in many different ways, not only for a festive design. I liked the fact that a subtle Christmas feeling was encouraged for the designs in this forum.


Enjoyed the challenge and learnt so much. Mark's ability to see what might be with a few subtle changes is amazing.

Kath S

Festive Thinking provided an opportunity to work to a theme and then see just how totally different everyone's ideas are, when developing that theme. The feedback provided was clear and focused on improvement. It was also great to have certain design styles discussed - in particular the explanation of displacement from container was insightful.


That the Festive Thinking courses are extremely worthwhile, cost effective and so convenient to be able to watch the videos at home and then revue at one's leisure.

David B

Festive Thinking expanded my design process. Mark’s books and video explained the task clearly and with detailed instructions and examples. The feedback session was informative providing suggestions on improvement and self reflection on the design created. Mark’s detailed analysis gives insights into the application of the elements and principles of design. I enjoyed the course and look forward to the next Flower Thinking offering.