An Exhibition of work by Irene Brockwell

Floral compositions imagined and crafted by Australia’s Irene Brockwell always possess a rhythmic quality, usually with graceful, flowing lines.  Underlying this immediate visual appeal is an attention to detail and technique that is always exceptional.  Irene’s designs also make us more than aware of her love and appreciation of plant materials and the natural world ‒  a love that provides continual inspiration and propels her to seek fresh design solutions.

This exhibition of Irene’s work is but a small sample from an expansive portfolio. Her patience, technical mastery, thoroughness and commitment to precision ensure that her designs are uniformly meticulous.

Open basket-form structure anchored on a rock with decorative footing

Corokia, Ranunculus, Craspedia, Epidendrum
Photographer - Iain Brockwell

Linear materials overlapping across a sinuous shaped formed by coils of ribbon

Anthurium, Epidendrum, Xanthorrhoea
Photographer - Iain Brockwell

Disc structure of embossed paper coils decorated with Kalanchoe blooms, Maiden Hair fern and Leucospermum segments

Zantedeschia, Anthurium, Epidendrum, Xanthorrhoea
Photographer - Iain Brockwell

Contemporary wall hanging with strong contrasts in forms and fibres

Kalanchoe, Leucospermum, Adiantum
Photographer - Iain Brockwell

Blueberries, African Violet blooms and other unexpected elements on a bed of Gingko leaves – depicting the theme of Romance

Ginkgo biloba, Rosa, Vaccinium, Saintpaulia
Photographer - Iain Brockwell

Ethereal headpiece design on a base of twisted wires and including Orchids, Carnations and Hypericum berries

Ginkgo biloba, Rosa, Vaccinium, Saintpaulia
Photographer - Iain Brockwell

Suspended wall design on candelabra brackets, featuring Cyclamen flowers and Guinea Fowl feathers

Anthurium, Ceropegia, Cyclamen, Rhipsalis
Photographer - Iain Brockwell

Draping felted wool ropes supporting individual blooms of Kalanchoe, Epidendrum and Cymbidium

Epidendrum, Kalanchoe, Cymbidium
Photographer - Iain Brockwell

Sculptural composition created around a spiralling form of paper threads

Zantedeschia, Bixa, Alocasia
Photographer - Iain Brockwell

Cyclamen flowers nestled in a textured base of compacted Magnolia leaves and Steel Grass

Cyclamen, Magnolia, Craspedia, Berzilia, Hypericum, Dryandra, Rosa, Xanthorrhoea
Photographer - Iain Brockwell

Oriental influenced design with a landscape feeling, featuring Phalaenopsis Orchids, String of Pearls and threaded Hypericum berries

Phalaenopsis, Rosa, Hypericum, Senecio, Adiantum
Photographer - Iain Brockwell

Panel design on a base of dried leaves, featuring delicate and exotic botanicals

Epidendrum, Hoya, Alocasia, Celosia, Nepenthes, Berzilia
Photographer - Iain Brockwell

Floating hoop design incorporating a variety of weaving techniques and a refined colour palette

Zantedeschia, Freesia, Phalaenopsis, Rhipsalis, Liriope
Photographer - Iain Brockwell

A study of transparency and solidity, mixing seaweed, berries, orchid blooms and pleated foliage

Cotoneaster, Aspidistra
Photographer - Iain Brockwell

Undulating panel design of glued fibres on wire mesh, using floral materials to draw out the vibrant base colours

Phalaenopsis, Hyacinth, Hydrangea, Senna, Rhipsalis, Viola
Photographer - Iain Brockwell

Irene Brockwell

Irene Brockwell’s career as a
Floral Designer has flourished and evolved since the day she began – her innovative and contemporary approach shows that this evolution still continues, even after decades in the flower industry.

Irene is very crafty … in the most positive sense of the word.  Show her a piece of string, a ball of wool, a handful of autumn leaves or a roll of wire, and she will soon be working her nimble fingers and her endless talent to create something fabulous.  Irene’s
meticulous attention to detail is legendary and her passion for sharing her skills and knowledge and the joys of the plant world is infectious.  Her work is very technique driven, while also maintaining a strong focus on plant materials, many of which come from the collection in her garden.

 Irene has carved out an enduring career as a Floral Designer, starting in Scotland and continuing in Australia for over 30 years. Honing her design talents in floral studios for many years, Irene transferred her skills
to the educational field, coaching the next generation of florists through her teaching assignments in Brisbane, and through her popular demonstrations and workshops around Australia and New Zealand.