Our courses are designed for floral artists, arrangers, designers and florists who want to build on their design skills through a structured approach to the elements and principles of design.

  • Linda, Sydney

    Over the years I have also been able to attend a number of Mark’s workshops - every one of them was fantastic - learning outcomes with passionate teachers make all the difference!

  • Judith, NSW, Australia

    This has been a challenging, creative and thought provoking exploration of design principles.

  • Celéste, WA

    I'm just amazed at how able you are to in a very positive way, give criticism, it's fantastic. You really have a skill there of not making people feel inadequate and yet you do make all the points that are important.

Our range of eBooks by Mark Pampling, Master Florist, provide an accessible entry point into many aspects of floral design, craftsmanship and competition.

We carry a selection of the print books that we regularly refer to. At this time, we only ship books within Australia.

We carry a small selection of our favourite tools, made by Chikamasa, Japan.

Flower Thinking courses are designed to be inclusive of people of all levels of experience and skill, from those just starting out to seasoned designers. Some of our material is aimed at a more advanced level. Most of it is theory-focused, supported by hands-on exercises and group feedback sessions, all with comprehensive notes delivered after each meeting, and online access to the group session recordings for six weeks after each course completes.

Our most intriguing course, One Container, Five Elements, starts soon! Take any one container and explore its relationships to the elements of Line, Colour, Texture, Form and Space.

  • Each assignment was clearly defined and the feedback provided on everyone's work was clear with exciting suggestions made by Mark on how to improve the design or how it could be developed to become a showstopper. Everyone was encouraged to work freely on their own design ideas and supported through the process.

  • Having access to both written feedback and the recording of the call ensures that everyone can connect and learn. I can't wait to work out which course I should join next.

  • Having completed the one container five elements course I would highly recommend this type of online learning to others. I really enjoyed the assignments and it was great to have something specific to work on.

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