One Container, Five Elements

Take a single container of your own free choice and create five compositions with it.

Each of your creations places a spotlight on one of the five elements. With each new design you examine the relationship between your container and the specific element being explored in that exercise.

You become a better designer by analysing your work in terms of the principles of design and applying critical thinking to your design process.

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Mark firmly believes in the satisfaction and rewards that can be found on the journey to floral design excellence. His philosophy is that there is no end to learning in floral design and he actively embraces the roles of both teacher and student.

Designing to Win


Learn how to maximise your success in competitions, from seasoned Competitor, Teacher, Judge and Student of Floral Design, Mark Pampling.

Work to a schedule and obtain insights and feedback normally only attainable through actually competing.

Desgner places in this current Designing to Win are sold out. However, you can still participate as an Audience member.

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Designing to Win


Participate in the Designing to Win program as part of the Audience. See all the designs and share the learnings of the designers as they grow their competitive edge.

The comprehensive learning package includes two educational videos, three eBooks and two live forums. You can join the program at any time and take in all the material at your own pace.

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Floral design competitions are a great way to stretch your imagination, talents, skills and self belief. They are worth the effort, no matter the final placing. Learning and self satisfaction are prizes to be enjoyed by all.

Design Directions

In each of five different design tasks we explore different ways of directing proportions.

As well as working with different ways of directing proportions, we also use each task as an opportunity to explore a different particular design style, which provides some cues as to how we approach the task.

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Advanced Directions

Stretch your design skills by putting a spotlight on combinations of principles that aren't frequently encountered.

Focusing on specific combinations of principles for each task, we create clear direction for working, allowing you to create within common parameters for the benefit of shared learning – gaining better understanding by reviewing a range of submitted work for each task.

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Design Solutions

Constrain your material choices and narrow your focus on the elements and principles of design.

Apply your design knowledge to create more impact with fewer varieties of plant materials.

Find answers during the creative process - by thinking more deeply about design.

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Our courses are designed for floral artists, arrangers, designers and florists who want to build on their design skills through a structured approach to the principles and elements of design.

  • Each assignment was clearly defined and the feedback provided on everyone's work was clear with exciting suggestions made by Mark on how to improve the design or how it could be developed to become a showstopper. Everyone was encouraged to work freely on their own design ideas and supported through the process.

  • Having access to both written feedback and the recording of the call ensures that everyone can connect and learn. I can't wait to work out which course I should join next.

  • Having completed the one container five elements course I would highly recommend this type of online learning to others. I really enjoyed the assignments and it was great to have something specific to work on.

  • Over the years I have also been able to attend a number of Mark’s workshops - every one of them was fantastic - learning outcomes with passionate teachers make all the difference!

    - Linda

  • This has been a challenging, creative and thought provoking exploration of design principles.

    - Judith

  • I'm just amazed at how able you are to in a very positive way, give criticism, it's fantastic. You really have a skill there of not making people feel inadequate and yet you do make all the points that are important.

    - Celėste