David Berger

Glass and Grass, my inspiration was a fluted glass vase and the grasses along a path where I walk my dogs. I wanted to explore displacement and clear rods provided a base to work away from the vase, whilst incorporating it into the finished design. A new found respect developed for the vast botanical family that grass is a part of. On my walks I now look at the grasses with new eyes ( cutters in hand ).

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  • Credits

    Design - David Berger

    Photography - David Berger

  • Botanicals

    Dianella, Kikuyu, Digitaria, Papyrus, Phalaenopsis, Scabiosa, Zantedeschia

  • Affiliations

    TAFE NSW Western Sydney Region Floristry

Floristry Teacher TAFE NSW Western Sydney Region, Interflora Australia Judge, WorldSkills Australia Chief Judge, International Expert Floristry, American Institute Floral Designers-Certified Floral Designer, Certified Evaluator Judge, Professional Floral Communicators International, Master Florist New Zealand Professional Florists.

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