Designing to Win Gallery - Glass & Grass

Celéste de Villiers

As part of Flower Thinking's Designing to Win program, floral designers responded to a competition-style schedule with the theme Glass & Grass.

Here is one submission from South African floral artist Celéste de Villiers, with a glimpse of the learnings that were gained and applied.

Detail shot of Celéste's interpretation of Glass & Grass

Glass & Grass - Celéste de Villiers

Grass, glass, water - Nature's richness

Grasstree (Xanthorrhoea), Congo copper red dutchie philodendron, Leucadendron safari sunset, Wild grass, Orchids

Design - Celéste de Villiers

Photography - Celéste de Villiers

  • Some of the Learnings Gained and Applied

    • The line system/organisation of materials is more consistent – parallel.
    • The distribution is well handled with varying areas of interest that contribute to effective rhythm.
    • There is a good access point into the composition – the main focal area/area of interest.
    • A main area of interest had been established.
    • The different vase choice elevates the presence of the glass.
  • About the Designer

    Retirement has provided my creative spirit an opportunity to bloom - a lifelong passion for flowers has been the connection.

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