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Floral Competition Essentials

Very informative,

One Container, Five Elements expanded my design processes and choices. Analysing the container and looking for a link to each of the five elements. Focusing on one element was a disciplined journey, one that became more complex the further I travelled along the path, albeit a rewarding journey. On reflection it allowed me to consider my choices and to give each element of design a voice in my arrangements. I likened it to a choir where one voice may lead but if the supporting harmonies are not in pitch the whole auditory experience is not quite right. I found myself falling to my favourite elements and constantly self-evaluating to see what was often needed, often editing rather than adding. During the group feedback sessions, I gained new eyes not only on my own work but that of my peers. Such a rewarding experience.

I am thrilled to have found Designing to Win classes. Mark is an excellent teacher, looking at the work from both a competitor's and evaluator's point of view. I learned so much watching his thorough critiquing of each design and suggestions on improvements. I would love to try this as a competitor next time. A great educational experience!

Festive Thinking expanded my design process. Mark’s books and video explained the task clearly and with detailed instructions and examples. The feedback session was informative providing suggestions on improvement and self reflection on the design created. Mark’s detailed analysis gives insights into the application of the elements and principles of design. I enjoyed the course and look forward to the next Flower Thinking offering.

This course is totally fabulous, taking one container and working with that in totally different ways with the focus on each of the Elements of design really make you think. Using the container as a starting point for inspiration but then pushing it on alternative ways is most refreshing. Mark's feedback and guidance throughout is so clear and well thought out and is delivered both verbally and in writing. This course is a great opportunity to learn from a master... But it is also self lead in that you choose your own design and work to stretch yourself in what ever way you like. So good I am considering a second round using different container.

That the Festive Thinking courses are extremely worthwhile, cost effective and so convenient to be able to watch the videos at home and then revue at one's leisure.

Each task or assignment for this course pushes you to think more about placement of components in order to ensure that the elements and principles of design are used to create a harmonious result. Mark encourages creativity by providing examples before leaving you to work in your own way, this is incredibly stimulating. All feedback provided is done in a positive way which encourages you to assess your own work better each time - however I still manage to repeat some of the same faults over and again ;) so plenty more to learn.

The sickles are very versatile and can be used in many different ways, not only for a festive design. I liked the fact that a subtle Christmas feeling was encouraged for the designs in this forum.

Festive Thinking provided an opportunity to work to a theme and then see just how totally different everyone's ideas are, when developing that theme. The feedback provided was clear and focused on improvement. It was also great to have certain design styles discussed - in particular the explanation of displacement from container was insightful.

Enjoyed the challenge and learnt so much. Mark's ability to see what might be with a few subtle changes is amazing.

A must if you are looking to improve your designing and challenge yourself to trying out new ideas.

This was a fantastic class and I highly recommend it. Mark opened up my creativity and taught me to look at every element in different ways.

This course has boosted my confidence and understanding of what is expected in good floral design. The practical, eloquent and positive feedback has been really valuable. Not only does Mark possess true natural flair and talent, but also comes with vast experience and above all, is an excellent teacher who is able to clearly share his understanding with his students.

When we commenced the workshop I was quite surprised we would be working with one material and not much else. I was challenged throughout the process which resulted in a very beneficial outcome. Although I was challenged throughout the workshop, I also felt supported greatly with advice and tips from Mark. The opportunity was wonderful and i feel i have learnt so much from carrying out each exercise. Thank you Flower Thinking for this great opportunity to be challenged, to learn, to be supported and to be part of the #designdisciplineexperiment.

Mark has a unique way of looking at design and he has brought that again with this Festive Thinking 2023 short course and tutorial. What I like about his courses are he gives you suggestions of useful techniques, detailed instructions and many examples of unique completed designs for inspiration. After you’ve submitted your design Mark reviews it and gives a detailed constructive analysis about the work. He indicates what works and what improvements or other possibilities to enhance the design. Always insightful and thought provoking. In addition to this, it is so good to see how other participants interpret the brief and the amazing designs they create. It’s a great opportunity to delve into the world of floral design. Highly recommended.

Design Solutions saw a different approach where only two materials were to be used. This was challenging for me as I like to work with a variety of materials. Using my previous studies with Mark as a guide I chose beans and anthuriums. Using all parts of both plant materials. Including the seeds and leaves of the plants. A great experience it, pushed my creativity. I found a different perspective of the value of all parts of the plant.

I really enjoyed the course and particularly found the critique process really helpful, as Mark carefully explained what worked well with the designs we had each produced and how they could potentially be improved further. At each stage, Mark explained how the design principles applied and helped me to develop my understanding of contemporary work.

Love the ebooks and videos. Clear instructions and illustrations. Have received today the next brooks . Looking forward to being part of this community .

I have learnt a lot from Mark and learnt from my mistakes and how to analyze my designs. I would love to do further courses on competitive work

Festive Thinking was a great experience. I was inspired by the contributions of the other designers. I also valued the attention Mark gave to the design evaluations. I’m looking forward to further Flower Thinking learning opportunities in the future

Yet another amazing floral learning opportunity by our incredible Mark Pampling and Flower Thinking. The experience of learning is outstanding with endless learning opportunities. This is not simply an online course, it is an interactive extremely detailed, deep learning opportunity. Thank you Flower Thinking - My designs from the course are pictured below. So much learning and adaptation creates a new awareness and thought process in design which I truly enjoyed.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is involved in floral design and judging The feed back and the exercises are extremely valuable in judging your own work and others as well.

Mark's Designing to Win course exceeded my expectations - his analysis of each of the compositions presented and his recommendations on how to strengthen the piece was quite in-depth. I learned much more from attending as a member of the audience than I thought possible. I would love the opportunity to attend as a participant.

Fantastic learning opportunity with our amazing Mark Pampling. Incredible amount of content to learn and grow with. Thank you Flower Thinking it was fantastic!

I enjoyed doing my designs with the titles and would like to have more challenging titles