Designing to Win August 2023 - Schedule

Glass & Grass

For this session of Designing to Win, we worked to a schedule titled Glass & Grass, included below for your reference.

The purpose of the exercise was to give floral designers, artists and arrangers the opportunity to practise their floral competing skills in an inclusive environment, with the benefit of sharing in each others' learnings.


  • Introduction

    This is the schedule which formed the basis of the design tasks for Flower Thinking's Designing to Win Program - June-August 2023.

    Participating designers worked to this schedule to create a design which was then analysed in a live design forum. Based on the feedback received, the designers then created a second design based on the same schedule, taking into account insights gained.

  • Theme

    Glass and Grass

  • Brief

    Design and create an arrangement, to the stated theme, for display in a contemporary home lived in by a professional couple. The arrangement will be placed on an entry table in the home's foyer.

  • Information and Rules

    • Placement/Space – to be placed on an entry table. The table is approximately 800mm wide x 350mm deep x 900mm high. The ceiling height in the foyer is at 2400mm. Refer to the supplied photo of the table in situ for further detail and context.
    • The design must be created to be viewed mainly from the front.
    • Plant material must predominate.
    • Artificial plant material is prohibited.
    • Designs must be the authentic work of the designer, without assistance.
  • Submission and Photography

    • Arrangements are to be photographed against a plain/neutral background.
    • Submissions may include multiple photos, up to a maximum of 5 images, and must include one full shot of the design taken from the front.
    • Images must be in clear focus and of reasonable resolution (between 1 to 5 MB).
    • Digital manipulation of photos, other than basic image-quality editing (cropping, straightening, light/colour correction, etc.) is not permitted.

Become a Better Competitor

Improve your competing skills in a short, interactive course that challenges you to think - and work - under competition conditions.

Participate as a Designer - submitting two items for assessment and feedback, and become better at understanding and working to competition schedules.

Or participate as part of the Audience and gain insights that are normally gained only by competing.

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