Designing to Win Gallery - Glass & Grass

Wendy Drury

As part of Flower Thinking's Designing to Win program, floral designers responded to a competition-style schedule with the theme Glass & Grass.

Here is one submission from Australian floral artist Wendy Drury, with a glimpse of the learnings that were gained and applied.

Detail shot of Wendy's interpretation of Glass & Grass

Glass & Grass - Wendy Drury

Following the design brief and theme, I chose materials that best met the Glass and Grass theme. I tried a variety of colors to compliment the design.

Steel grass, bamboo stakes, carnations, Leucadendron, cymbidium orchid, hellebores

Design - Wendy Drury

Photography - Wendy Drury

  • Some of the Learnings Gained and Applied

    • Elevating the role of the glass in the interpretation has created a composition that feels more complete/finished.
    • The distribution of material is more effective than submission #1, and the overall rhythm is effective with the eye taken relatively easily around the design.
    • The use of the tatami-ed sticks in the bottom helps create an area of interest without the need for a flower (like submission #1) and it make the presence of the vase/glass more felt.
    • A stronger area of interest/stronger form
    • The composition has more presence than submission #1 – it feels more decisive and more impactful.
  • About the Designer

    I love stretching my floral design skills by adding to my knowledge to create new floral pieces. Learning from other experienced designers helps me grow in my work.

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