Designing to Win Gallery - Glass & Grass

Linda Taneja

As part of Flower Thinking's Designing to Win program, floral designers responded to a competition-style schedule with the theme Glass & Grass.

Here is one submission from Australian floral designer Linda Taneja, with a glimpse of the learnings that were gained and applied.

Detail shot of Linda's interpretation of Glass & Grass

Glass & Grass - Linda Taneja

Sustainability and a love for weaving was the inspiration for this design. All elements were grown in our home garden or from friends gardens. There is no wire used in the design - all bindings with New Zealand Flax.

Dianella, Kikuyu, Digitaria, Papyrus, Phalaenopsis, Scabiosa, Zantedeschia
Design - Linda Taneja
Photography - Linda Taneja
  • Some of the Learnings Gained and Applied

    • The addition of more obvious grass-like materials (Liriope) strengthens the interpretation.
    • Good choice to redistribute materials to create better rhythm – especially the less central (bullseye) placement of the dominant circle.
    • More obvious grass-like components – increases the quality of the interpretation.
  • About the Designer

    I was selling flowers at local community markets and customers started asking me to do their wedding flowers and corporate flowers so I thought I really need to learn how to arrange flowers well. I studied and learnt from amazing passionate teachers at Sydney TAFE and have also had the privilege of studying with Gregor Lersch and Mark Pampling. Last year I took part in a sustainability challenge with Hitomi and Gregor and have switched over to a more sustainable approach in my business ‘Soul Design Pty Ltd’ and pleasure:) as part of this switch I also invest in learning basketry and weaving techniques. Loving the journey!

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