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  • Are you up for a challenge? Create four distinct designs, working with two botanicals exclusively. Learn to fully utilise the Principles of Design as your problem solving tools. Become your own coach, critic and mentor with Design Solutions.

  • Plentiful material choices can be a distraction from the work of applying design principles.Design Solutionsstrips away the distraction of abundant choice, making us more adept at using design principles to solve design problems.

  • Create more impact with fewer varieties of plant materials. Find answers during the creative process by thinking more deeply about design – by understanding and applying design knowledge.

  • I have found that I become better when I’m able to analyse my own work and to become practised at finding my own mistakes. I’m able to improve my skills overall when I assess my work through the principles of design and find the flaws, and then find some solutions. It's a journey that never ends, and keeps on giving. -Mark