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Design by Mark Pampling

Photographer - Mark Pampling

June 2023

  • Memories of Interflora World Cup
  • Competition Thinking
  • Nature's Expressions on the Sunshine Coast
  • Design of the Month, Luke Simon
  • Designing to Win Launched
  • Fleuramour Cancelled
  • Chelsea Flower Theme Challenges

Design by Luke Simon

Photographer - Luke Simon

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May 2023

  • Design of the Month, Michael Cordeiro
  • Japan Cup 2023
  • Fleuramour
  • Thinking About Visual Balance
  • Design Discoveries, David Berger
  • Designing to Win
  • Advanced Directions
  • The Influence of Royal Flowers

Design by Michael Cordeiro

Photographer - Michael Cordeiro

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April 2023

  • MIFGS Competition Results
  • Foam Alternatives
  • Dyed Botanicals
  • Design of the Month - Sheryl Watkins
  • Titles, Themes and More
  • Sydney Success - Lawrence Kwong
  • FASNZ Designer of the Year

Design by Sheryl Watkins

Photographer - Sheryl Watkins

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March 2023

  • Sketching and the Creative Process
  • Philadelphia Flower Show
  • Design of the Month - Duc Thuan Bui
  • Advanced Directions
  • WAFA News (World Association of Flower Arrangers)

Design by Duc Thuan Bui

Photographer - Duc Thuan Bui

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February 2023

  • A Chat About The 3:5:8 Principle
  • Design of the Month - Yukina Sakabe
  • International Annual of Floral Art
  • Succeed with Design Solutions
  • Online Exhibition - Linear Precision
  • A Lesson in Leaning eBook release

Design by Yukina Sakabe

Photographer - Yukina Sakabe

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January 2023

  • Colour of the Year - Pantone & Thursd
  • Design of the Month - Laura Leong
  • Five Ways with One Container
  • Chelsea Flower Show
  • A Lesson in Leaning eBook

Designs by Irene McIndoe

Photographer - Irene McIndoe

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December 2022

  • Meticulosity, Irene Brockwell
  • Festive Thinking
  • Design Directions
  • Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
  • Interflora World Cup - 2023
  • Flower Thinkers Facebook Group
  • Design of the Month - David Berger
  • Floral Fundamentals

Designs by Mark Pampling

Photographer - Mark Pampling

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November 2022

  • Juxtaposition, Annita Bokobli
  • Festive Thinking
  • Australian Floral Art Association National Convention
  • Interflora World Cup
  • World Championship Floral Art - 2025
  • Five Ways to Add Impact to Your Floral Designs

Design by Annita Bokobli

Photographer - Denis Radacic

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